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Hi MakotoHiramatsu, your music is phenomenal!

Love the exciting rhythm of the music!

May I ask do you mind if your music is used in adult-themed games like Future Fragment? Or its okay as long as you're properly credited?

Suggestion: Do you plan to release a looped version of this track? So that this track fits well in a game?

Thanks for reading, hope you'll reply soon!


It's okay to use my music in adult-themed games.

About the looped version:

I'm sorry but I'm not planning to create a looped version. 
"North Sea" is originally designed as non-looped, and I think looped music is not the best solution for video games.

Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you so much for the music! Great atmosphere and idea. I used it in one of my games and recommend it to everyone. (of course I mentioned authorship)


Thank you! Keep doing your best!

I enjoy listening to these tracks. I love that wonderful feelings. I would like to give you a credit for using the track in my game (Not published yet). Is it okay to use "Music by MakotoHiramatsu"?

It's perfectly fine! Thank you!

These tracks are amazing, thank you very much for sharing them with the community! Will definitely link you if they're used.

Thank you! Good luck with your projects!

Your music is wonderful. I used it in my visual novel

It worked so well. Thank you so much!

Thank you!

You are certainly very talented. Fantastic job. Hope you can achieve ever greater heights with your work.

Cool and calm,great for my game!

Good luck with your game!